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Do you receive support from carers or health professionals, visiting to assist you with your daily tasks or to help you return back to your normal routine following an illness or spell in hospital?

Do you receive meals on wheels?

Installing a key safe is a great solution, as it means care workers, friends, family, doctors or emergency services can gain entry to a property any time or day quickly and without the need for the home owner to open the door.

Today in the UK we are an ageing population and it is more important than ever that we enable older people to live independently in their own homes for longer.

Assisted living gives elderly, sick and vulnerable people the care and support they need to live in their own home. This means care workers, friends, family and emergency services may need to enter a property on a regular basis, however if someone is suffering from decreased mobility it is difficult to constantly be getting up to open doors to allow entry to their home.

This may result in care workers not being able to attend regular checkups, or vulnerable people leaving their door unlocked which causes security concerns.

All that is needed for a key safe to be installed is a code to be set and the keys to be kept inside the safe. This code can then be given only to those requiring access to the property, or to firms monitoring the wellbeing of such individuals. The key safe code can easily be changed an unlimited number of times with up to a possible 4096 combinations, to ensure the property remains secure. This means greater flexibility and freedom, not only for the individual but also provides peace of mind to family members and/or carers to a safe means of access.