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Key Safe Applications

"What are your needs? Homecare? Access Requirements? Holiday Homes? Storage?"

The Key Safe Man aims to always provide the most appropriate key safe to satisfy an individual or businesses need in order to improve lifestyle or security.

The extensive range of key safes supplied & fitted by the Key Safe Man can allow elderly, vulnerable or care dependent residents to continue to live independently within their own homes, for as long as possible. In addition, our key safes are a secure, convenient solution for businesses, holiday lets, busy families and domestic duty access or whether it’s to store a spare key for emergencies or if you fancy going out without your keys.

The Key Safe Man prides himself on his knowledge and experience, providing a dedicated service with high quality products and customer service in Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

  • Homecare +

    Do you receive support from carers or health professionals, visiting to assist you with your daily tasks or to help you return back to your normal routine following an illness or spell in hospital?

    Do you receive meals on wheels?

    Installing a key safe is a great solution, as it means care workers, friends, family, doctors or emergency services can gain entry to a property any time or day quickly and without the need for the home owner to open the door.

    Today in the UK we are an ageing population and it is more important than ever that we enable older people to live independently in their own homes for longer.

    Assisted living gives elderly, sick and vulnerable people the care and support they need to live in their own home. This means care workers, friends, family and emergency services may need to enter a property on a regular basis, however if someone is suffering from decreased mobility it is difficult to constantly be getting up to open doors to allow entry to their home.

    This may result in care workers not being able to attend regular checkups, or vulnerable people leaving their door unlocked which causes security concerns.

    All that is needed for a key safe to be installed is a code to be set and the keys to be kept inside the safe. This code can then be given only to those requiring access to the property, or to firms monitoring the wellbeing of such individuals. The key safe code can easily be changed an unlimited number of times with up to a possible 4096 combinations, to ensure the property remains secure. This means greater flexibility and freedom, not only for the individual but also provides peace of mind to family members and/or carers to a safe means of access.

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  • Access Requirements +

    Providing access to authorised visitors or professionals can sometimes be rather challenging.

    Unforeseen circumstances, poor health or mobility may prevent individuals from gaining or permitting access to a property. Key safes are a great way for anyone needing a secure means of access without creating multiple sets of keys.

    Key safes provided by the Key Safe Man have many applications such as easy, secure access for care professionals, allowing access in the event of an emergency, allowing contractors easy access or for general day-to-day use; such as leaving your keys behind when you take your dog for a walk.

    The Key Safe Man can supply and fit key safes in Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

    Day to Day Access

    Key safes are ideal for allowing care and health professionals access without having to wait for key holders or for vulnerable persons to come to the door. Cleaning and domestic services or holiday tenants can have access to properties without delay. Family members no longer have to carry spare keys, and children can let themselves in after school.

    By utilising a key safe you minimise the likelihood of lost or stolen keys and the resulting inconvenience and expense of changing locks and providing new keys to everyone. Simply allocate the key safe code only to those needing it, to allow instant access to the required property. Don’t forget yourself in all this. You will never be locked out again.

    Emergency Access

    In the event of an emergency, a key safe could allow immediate access for emergency services or named responders. Installing a key safe discretely on the outside of your property means that doors or windows will not need to be forced or named responders no longer need to wait for key holders such as relatives or friends.

    The provision of a guaranteed means of access reduces delays in response, assessment and treatment time. Key safes ensure access to vulnerable people can be gained.

    By installing a key safe and allowing the code to be passed onto the emergency services or named responders if you have an incident or have used a personal, pendant alarm you allow quick and easy access to your home.  This can eliminate the need for your door to be forced in order to gain access to receive the help you may need. 

    Key safes can:

    • Avoid the inconvenience and cost of repairs caused by possible forced entry
    • Reduce the likelihood of lost keys by issuing multiple sets
    • Avoid the need for multiple key holders and contacts
    • Ensure help can get to you as fast as possible

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  • Getting Locked Out +

    We have all been in that situation, you have gone out to do something as simple as putting the bins out or to call out to a pet when the door blows shut behind you. With a spare door key stored in a key safe, you will no longer find yourself in such a situation. The installation of a key safe can save you the expense and hassle of calling a locksmith to break back in or risking injury by attempting to climb through the bathroom window left ajar. Simply enter your preset code into the key safe and you can return to the comfort and warmth of your home instantly.

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  • Holiday Homes +

    If you have a holiday home or letting property, you will understand the problems related to providing keys to your tenants, maintenance providers and rental agents. A key safe, guarantees around the clock, hassle free access without compromising property security.

    If you are not living locally or available to greet your guests or tenants, a key safe can allow secure access to the property providing flexibility and peace of mind to you. This is often a more viable option for guests too as they are often unsure of their arrival time. Simply give them the key safe code to gain access to the property out of hours. The code can be changed as many times as desired to maintain security. With some of our key safes, a code cover can be supplied to prevent unauthorised code changes.

    Key safes are designed to allow for unlimited number of code changes, therefore if you regularly have a change of guests or tenants you can change the code accordingly.

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  • Telehealth and Telecare +

    Telehealth and Telecare enable users to live independently and safely in their own home for longer and provide peace of mind to relatives and friends. The use of Telehealth and Telecare is particularly beneficial but isn’t limited to those persons suffering with long-term health conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Epilepsy, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

    Telehealth allows users to take more control over their own health and greatly reduces the need to make regular visits to their local doctor surgery or hospital. Various Telehealth devices and technologies are available from a growing number of suppliers. These devices allow the user to monitor their own vital signs from the comfort of their own home or office and submit this data electronically via a telephone line or broadband to a Telehealth monitoring centre. This data can then be reviewed by a medical professional who will be able to identify any health trends and detect any early warning signs of a patients deterioration. 

    There are many different types of Telecare sensors and alarms, they have different functions and they may work together to provide support and protection. Individuals using Telecare equipment can raise an alarm to request support themselves. Through the use of something such as a personal alarm or there is a huge array of equipment designed to raise an alarm and/or collect data automatically once triggered through the actions or movements of the individual. Such equipment includes but isn’t limited to fall detectors, activity monitors, bogus caller alarms, property exit alarms and fire or temperature extremes sensors. The starting point is often a telephone line, usually a landline, and a power supply. This equipment is often linked to a monitoring centre which attempts to make contact with the individual and assesses the need for the appropriate response by either emergency services, health professionals or named responders.

    Key safes are considered an essential piece of Telecare and Telehealth equipment.

    Monitoring centres linked to the Telehealth or Telecare equipment can share key safe codes with medical professionals, the emergency services or named contacts, to enable them to promptly offer support.

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  • Secure Storage for Commercial Use +

    For many businesses, our ‘larger’ key safe  range is perfect with strong and sturdy housing and wider than average size, these key safes allow additional keys and car keys to be easily stored making it ideal for car ports, garages, car rental companies or multi department offices. Businesses use key safes for a variety of reasons, from day to day use providing access to the building for staff, business contacts and customers, or for emergency use.

    Having a key safe installed helps you to concentrate on the more important parts of business by having a secure and convenient way to provide access to authorised personnel.

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